Custom Modular Systems


A custom modular enclosure, allows for reduced onsite installation and startup costs. Our  products are manufactured off-site in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled environment facility. Our team will engineer, fabricate and manufacture your specified project with our extensive knowledge and qualifications.

Our Leading Product Line

For efficient building operation and a healthy facility, it is essential to install a properly sized and constructed air handling unit (AHU). Flex Air will provide an energy efficient solution tailor-made for your project.

A custom modular enclosure allows for reduced onsite installation and startup costs. With our extensive knowledge and qualifications, our team will engineer, fabricate and manufacture your custom solution in a controlled environment.

Prefabricated offsite, a modular electrical system offers a faster safer alternative to traditional methods. All electrical systems are factory tested before going out.

A custom penthouse is a self-contained unit that offers many advantages like reduced site man-hours and increased safety.

If your equipment is ready to be upgraded or migrated but you don’t want to replace it completely, a retrofit is the solution you need.

Our Process

Flex Air offers controlled construction in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have the best-in-class fabrication equipment, welding processes and piping to make your project a reality.

Flex Air holds ASME certifications to provide innovation that delivers! Our top-notch 3D modeling systems and high-end manufacturing facilities cater to every whim imaginable.

From start to finish, our teams combine art and expertise to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to suit your specifications and budget. With decades of experience behind us, we’ll improve operations, lower energy consumption, and reduce overall costs.

We have a list, and we check every box! We plan your project across teams to minimize onsite labor and reduce wastage and scrap.

From Arkansas to Zurich, Flex Air can be commissioned to do any project, anywhere. All mechanical systems are designed and installed keeping with location specifications and standards.


Dedicated to high service quality to the industrial and commercial HVAC industry, our team offers repairs, replacements and improvements to custom-manufactured products. 

Proper maintenance of mechanical systems is critical to lengthening overall life expectancy, efficiency and operating costs. 

Flex Air offers online service support in the form of:

  • Installation assistance and supervision by factory-trained technicians