Custom Modular Systems

Custom Air Handling Units

For an efficient building operation, installing a suitably sized and constructed air handling unit (AHU) is essential. Flex Air will provide an energy-efficient solution tailor-made for your project.  We address foreseeable building and function issues and offer dynamic customization options. In the ever-changing landscape of HVAC, our experienced design engineers are ready to assist you in developing a solution to meet your needs. We offer many custom solutions such as
  • Custom commercial and industrial air handling units
  • Indoor and outdoor construction
  • Custom constructed units for various applications such as high temp. and high static
  • Full design capabilities, including conceptual design
  • We service existing AHU retrofits
  • Factory onsite services for knockdown installation
  • Direct and Indirect fired gas heating
  • High CFM direct-fired units, complete with factory-mounted and piped gas trains
  • Energy recovery solutions
  • Integrated piping solutions: steam, gas, water, ammonia, and more
  • Installation footprints (curb, slab, suspended, platform)
  • Single point power. Low and Medium Voltage capabilities
  • Factory testing

Custom Air Handling

Modular Mechanical

Modular Electrical