Custom Air Handling Units

Our air handling units are made to fit each project specifically. From cabinet construction, materials, shapes, and sizes, to coils, filters, and energy recovery devices, choose Flex Air for your next custom air handling project.

Pre-Fabricated Systems

Flex Air's solutions work for chillers, boilers, power substations, compressed air, and the list goes on.  Our solution is developed to meet the demands and challenges of an ever-changing industry.  Start thinking inside the box, not outside the box.

Modular Systems

With our unique approach to design and fabrication, we can deliver your solution on time and within budget.  We have experience in all facets, including heating and cooling water systems, process water systems, hot well/cold well, and the list goes on.


Utilize our experience and knowledge to help retrofit a system that doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced.  We can help with your energy retrofit project converting existing units from one heating and cooling medium to another, fan rework, and beyond.  If you’re not replacing, but re-working your equipment instead, please give us a call and we can help you get started.

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