Custom Modular Systems

The Industries We Serve

High Performance Services For Multiple Industries

Industrial & Automotive

We’re at the forefront of innovative technologies and the evolving standards of the industrial and automotive industry. Flex Air’s team constructs custom products to suit your company’s ever-changing needs.

  • Direct Fired and Indirect Fired Air Handlers
  • Volume and Static pressure
  • Thermal break panels
  • Curb, slab, suspended, or platform-capable structure
  • Powder coated or galvanized finish option


Cleanroom environments require highly-engineered solutions including, GMP air handlers, critical lab air controls, and more. Your facility will be supplied with products to maintain the most precise industry standards in accordance with government compliance regulations.

  • Meeting various room ventilation and filtration standards
  • Grade A and Grade B bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms
  • Hazardous exhaust and nonsterile air
  • Government regulation compliance
  • Sterilization and biocompatibility requirements

Data Center

Often, under the unique demands in the mission-critical space, we provide budget-friendly, custom data center systems.

  • Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC)
  • Direct Expansion (DX)
  • Redundancy for large infrastructure/ Hyperscale
  • “Plug and Play” Factory mounted controls and end devices
  • High capacity airflow and evenly distributed air in cold aisle


In a high-pressure critical environment, we know how important it is to deliver high-quality solutions and services. Our experienced team will supply your facility with the products required to maintain and run your healthcare facilities.

  • Applied HVAC products and controls
  • Controlled air filtration systems to prevent the risk of infectious disease
  • Room pressure set points for surgical suites

Higher Education

Our new-build and custom-renovation services offer exceptional products with on-time deliveries to reduce the disruption of essential school activities.

  • Central Plant Systems
  • Modular self-contained penthouses
  • Laboratory fume hood exhaust and heat recovery systems
  • ASHRAE LVDL guidelines

In line with the highest food-industry standards, our expert engineers will ensure your space has the correct clean-room conditions at the perfect temperatures.

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Meat and Poultry, Dairy, Breweries, and more
  • Meet HACCP regulations
  • Food safety and process sustainability standards

Modular built products save time, improve site safety, ensure the product quality, and add overall cost and schedule savings for your business to continue to operate.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Materials of Construction to meet the Facilities Application
  • Hydronic Tempering Solutions Coils
  • Gas Fired Equipment
  • Varying Levels of Filtration to Meet Space Requirements and ISO Level
  • Energy Recovery Solutions of Various Types
  • Indoor/Outdoor Construction
  • Installation Footprints: curb, slab, suspended or platform
  • Complete Control Packages
  • Integrated Piping Solutions
  • Existing AHU Retrofits
  • Single Point Power
  • Full Factory Testing
  • No Thru Metal
  • Washdown
  • High Static


Federal and local government contracts often come with complex challenges. Flex Air works alongside contractors and engineers to help navigate your project efficiently, on time, and within budget.

  • Integrated material flexibility
  • Applied HVAC products and controls
  • Controlled air filtration systems
  • Room pressure set points